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Galaxy picture

Galaxy picture

Imagine yourself stepping into a black hole and entering a whole new galaxy. The gaming galaxy. Each planet is a world filled with new characters and environments. This is like loading a game on your computer, putting on your headphones, and stepping into a new dimension. Gaming Galaxy is a new place to call home. Our commitment to you:

  • Provide big event coverage. One of our key areas is covering the events that matter to gamers. Big time tournaments like Dreamhack and Electronic Expo are examples of target events.
  • Provide game guides. Another key area, we will be making guides on the latest games. Of course, only games we are experts on and can share accurate information.
  • PC Building. Whether your a first time builder or an experienced veteran we will have guides walking you through on building gaming rigs. Next time I build a new computer I will create a YouTube video for you guys.

What else would you like us to cover? Gaming Galaxy is going to be a large system of planets, what would you like to see be part of it? Go to our contact page and send us your requests or leave us a reply below. Thanks for coming into our world and sharing the gaming experience with us.

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