Electronic Expo 2015 Playstation 4 Games

E3 2015 The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015, is hosted in Los Angeles, CA, serving as a video game industry trade show. This is an exclusive, industry-only event presented by the Entertainment Software Association. One of the features of this trade show is eSports. In celebration of E3 2015, Sony discounted PlayStation 4 and 3 games to consumers. Moreover, Sony allowed PlayStation 4 Games featured at E3 to be live-streamed at the trade show. The PlayStation 4 games are among the leading games preferred for E3 and eSports. Sony has continued to release PlayStation 4 version of many eSports games for consumers and tournaments. Some of the games Final Fantasy VII. That’s right Square Enix is remaking one of its most popular games in history. The Last Guardian from Team ICO looks like it will be magical. Sega announced a third game to its historic Shenmue series which has seen crowdfunding on Kickstarter Horizon Zero Dawn looks like an awesome third person action game. Uncharted 4 it looks like this will be more of an open world game instead of the go down the designated path game like the previous games in the series. Destiny: The Taken King is an expansion for Destiny the shooter mmo that so many people are crazy about, its actually pretty exciting to see Bungie’s vision coming to life. Other News Project Morpheus is in full swing. Sony showed a bunch of demos for the upcoming VR headset. A lot of people thought Rigs looked really cool which is being branded as virtual realities first eSport. Players get mech suits and battle it out in 3 on 3 action, sounds pretty sweet. No mention about the PlayStation Vita or more games for it. Boo.

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 PC Games

This year, it is anticipated that there will be a greater focus on games for the PC platform. A couple of standouts are Fallout 4 and Doom to Star Wars Battlefront, and there will be many more as developers push together their games to the front of the pack. At last count, 184 games were scheduled to be released, with some tried and true standouts amongst the list, such as the Mario Brothers who just seem to keep ticking and getting better with age. To get involved in e3 Games, means you are taking on the “big boys”. The list of developers is a who’s who of gaming companies such as Sony, EA Sports, Bethesda Softworks, Nintendo, Microsoft and Mattel, to name just a few. There is stiff competition each year and no wonder as the market to share is estimated to be $88.4 billion in 2015 and increasing to 102.9 billion in 2017. Just grab 1% of that as your market share and yes, your shareholders would be happy. Some of the Games for 2015 Fallout 4 The world is on the brink of war, and the scene starts with an atomic blast. Scheduled to be release November 2015, Fallout 4 is your chance to create a unique character and survive. You will be able to visit towns, explore the wilderness on your quest to rebuild for your family and your future. Doom Scheduled to be release early in 2016, Doom brings forward super graphics and sounds, all mixed for a futuristic battle with aliens. The further one goes, the harder it gets to stay alive, which is the basis of most games, kill or be killed. With excruciating violence, Doom is sure to garner a large following when it is released. Other Games: Dishonored 2 Star Wars: Battlefront XCOM 2

Electronic Expo of 2015

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or “e3” is the showcase for new computer games coming down the pipe in development. It is to electronic gaming, what the New York Auto Show is to the auto industry. “E3” is held each year in Los Angeles and has been ongoing since the first show in 1995. Each year has always brought blockbuster announcements, and this year, the show being held the 16th – 18th of June, is expected to continue with that tradition, but with a greater focus on PC versions of games. The “E3” Showcase, on the weekend of June 16th – 18th 2015, should not disappoint the discerning games player. The E3 2015 pc games will work perfect for you. One addition this year is an improved focus on games for the PC platform, which will only work to expand the already huge gaming marketplace. Here is our coverage of the electronic expo of this year. Stay tuned for coverage of future events.. PC Games Playstation 4 Xbox One