What is Electronic Sports?

Sports (eSports) are multiplayer video game competitions. Primarily players and companies in developed countries engage in ESports. For a list of player countries, see here. These competitions are organized like a sports tournament would be, and are most commonly associated with the following game genres: Ÿ real-time strategy Ÿ fighting Ÿ first-person shooter Ÿ multiplayer online battle arena eSports and Growing Popularity Have been a part of the video game culture for many years, but have grown in popularity over the last decade. The eSports popularity is growing largely because of online access to the games and real-time competitions.The Internet and increased technology allows for easy access to tournaments, competitors, teammates, and the latest versions of games. Internet live streaming is also available for bystanders to watch the tournaments from a player’s perspective. Other media coverage also increases the popularity of the online gaming tournaments. As of 2015, the eSports market is valued around $465 Million (and growing). Within the tournaments, teams and players often earn money from: Ÿ corporate sponsorship Ÿ streaming so that others can observe their playing strategy Ÿ rewards from software developers Ÿ team salary Professional Organizations Gamers are often a part of a team that is sponsored and paid a salary, such as the following teams: Evil Geniuses Fnatic ŸTeam liquid I talk about this on the rest of the site but if you want to take a look about some info on the latest Entertainment expo you can see the wikipedia page or the e3 official site.

The 3 best gaming desks

You might not believe it, but gaming desks actually do exist. Every gamer deserves one, since gaming is a demanding task and you need the right equipment to make sure you’re at your peak performance in the next online competition. And if you are thinking that you’d rather be spending money on games than fancy furniture, here’s the good news: These desks are totally affordable. The 3 best gaming desks that will fit in your budget Here are three good desks for starters if you’re interested in acquiring one. The Atlantic gaming desk This nice piece of furniture is one of the best gaming desks that are available, and it includes a platform for a larger monitor above the traditional laptop area, and it has a wide, sprawling surface that lets you arrange all your gaming devices and possible snacks (you do need food for sustenance when you’re button-mashing for hours on end). You can have it at about $100 from Amazon.com. The Walter Edison Soreno three-piece Corner Desk As the name implies, this table is shaped to be fit in the corner of your room. It has a movable drawer for your keyboard and enough space for a second monitor. But the real estate is a little less than the Atlantic, and consider moving in other furniture if you can’t leave your desk for munchies. Amazon runs it at $120-$200. The Atlantic Gaming Storage and TV Stand If you’re a gaming-console freak, consider this one. It looks like it has come straight out of a Transformers episode, andit has lots of racks and safe places to fit the console and hang your gaming pads and gadgets safely away from the floor. The price is $66, and you guessed it, it can be acquired from Amazon. This was a brief look at some of the best gaming desks you can find out there. Find more information about gaming desks here.

Electronic Expo 2015 Xbox One Games

“E3” Is On If you haven’t read our E3 article and have been living under a rock, it is gamers heaven for the introduction of Xbox games (and other games) to the world. The gaming market is expected to hit a value of more than $107 billion in 2017, so the largest showcase for introducing new games will be that, a showcase. Some of the Xbox One Games One of the platforms that has always seen strength since its introduction in 2001 has been the Xbox. Owned by Microsoft, Xbox and the Xbox consoles have gone through generations of development and today we have the Xbox One Games for 2015. The Xbox One Games for 2015 include such standouts as Halo 5: Guardians, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Forza Motorsport 6 and is touted to deliver an all-new gaming experience online or offline. It is the total system built for today and tomorrow. A feature of Xbox One Games is it provides the gaming convenience of being able to access everything online. There is no need to run to the store to buy the new game; just head to the server and download to your heart’s content. Alternatively, if you want to take your Xbox One Games to the campsite, with no Internet connection, the Xbox One transforms itself into “an ordinary” gaming console, allowing you to use the Xbox One as a stand alone system. Xbox One Games gives you everything in one box, with instant access to all the benefits that Microsoft can muster including: More than 300,000 servers to satisfy the needs of the gaming community Instant access to new Xbox games immediately that they are released The ability to play seamlessly on your PC, television, and where your games, music and movies can all come together in one place. Where you will find the greatest selection of multiplatform games to increase your gaming experience, and; Where you can group chat with Skype, as well as, play against 1000’s of other players to name just some of the benefits described by Microsoft. Conclusion The “E3” has continued for the past 20 plus years to introduce the gaming world to the new and exciting things being developed to attract business in the gaming market that will reach more than $107 billion in 2017. There is huge competition, and one of the perennial performers is the Xbox and in 2015, Microsoft has not disappointed with its 2015 Xbox One Games.

Welcome to Gaming Galaxy

Imagine yourself stepping into a black hole and entering a whole new galaxy. The gaming galaxy. Each planet is a world filled with new characters and environments. This is like loading a game on your computer, putting on your headphones, and stepping into a new dimension. Gaming Galaxy is a new place to call home. Our commitment to you: Provide big event coverage. One of our key areas is covering the events that matter to gamers. Big time tournaments like Dreamhack and Electronic Expo are examples of target events. Provide game guides. Another key area, we will be making guides on the latest games. Of course, only games we are experts on and can share accurate information. PC Equipment and Gear. Let’s face it, you gotta have the good stuff to be able to compete. When split seconds will decide whether you die or the other guy, you need to have responsive and fast stuff. PC Gaming Chairs, desks, headphones, peripherals, all these things add up to make an optimal experience. This site has a good list of gaming chairs for both console and PC gamers. Also reviews on other equipment. PC Building. Whether your a first time builder or an experienced veteran we will have guides walking you through on building gaming rigs. Next time I build a new computer I will create a YouTube video for you guys. What else would you like us to cover? Gaming Galaxy is going to be a large system of planets, what would you like to see be part of it? Go to our contact page and send us your requests or leave us a reply below. Thanks for coming into our world and sharing the gaming experience with us.