Electronic Expo of 2015

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or “e3” is the showcase for new computer games coming down the pipe in development. It is to electronic gaming, what the New York Auto Show is to the auto industry.

“E3” is held each year in Los Angeles and has been ongoing since the first show in 1995. Each year has always brought blockbuster announcements, and this year, the show being held the 16th – 18th of June, is expected to continue with that tradition, but with a greater focus on PC versions of games.

The “E3” Showcase, on the weekend of June 16th – 18th 2015, should not disappoint the discerning games player. The E3 2015 pc games will work perfect for you. One addition this year is an improved focus on games for the PC platform, which will only work to expand the already huge
gaming marketplace.

Here is our coverage of the electronic expo of this year. Stay tuned for coverage of future events..

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  2. Playstation 4
  3. Xbox One

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