Welcome to Gaming Galaxy

Imagine yourself stepping into a black hole and entering a whole new galaxy. The gaming galaxy. Each planet is a world filled with new characters and environments. This is like loading a game on your computer, putting on your headphones, and stepping into a new dimension. Gaming Galaxy is a new place to call home. Our commitment to you:

  • Provide big event coverage. One of our key areas is covering the events that matter to gamers. Big time tournaments like Dreamhack and Electronic Expo are examples of target events.
  • Provide game guides. Another key area, we will be making guides on the latest games. Of course, only games we are experts on and can share accurate information.
  • PC Equipment and Gear. Let’s face it, you gotta have the good stuff to be able to compete. When split seconds will decide whether you die or the other guy, you need to have responsive and fast stuff. PC Gaming Chairs, desks, headphones, peripherals, all these things add up to make an optimal experience. This site has a good list of gaming chairs for both console and PC gamers. Also reviews on other equipment.
  • PC Building. Whether your a first time builder or an experienced veteran we will have guides walking you through on building gaming rigs. Next time I build a new computer I will create a YouTube video for you guys.

What else would you like us to cover? Gaming Galaxy is going to be a large system of planets, what would you like to see be part of it? Go to our contact page and send us your requests or leave us a reply below. Thanks for coming into our world and sharing the gaming experience with us.

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